ErgoSchool™ Education Sector

We’ve spent over two decades honing our skills to prevent work-related MSDs in the Education Sector. ErgoSchool™ is an MSD prevention learning system customized for the Education Sector where Every Body in the school community can learn how to protect their health & safety and prevent MSDs themselves. Every Day.

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Custodians & Caretakers

This course is suitable for any Custodian or Caretaker, including seasoned workers, new hires and casuals who can all benefit by learning to work smarter and safer. Every day. 

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Maintenance & Trades

This course is suitable for all tradespersons and general labourers who support school sites. In this short course participants learn how to apply the ErgoSchool3 Pillars for Prevention to their work to reduce their risk of MSD injury and improve their comfort, health and safety. Every Day.

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EducationAl Assistants

The course is designed to protect the health and safety of the EA while respecting student sensitivities; all in keeping with the culture of special education.  

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JHSC, Supervisors, Managers- 1 Day Certificate Course

This full day certificate course is suitable for JH&S committee members, supervisors, managers, and anyone in the organization who has been designated to identify MSD risk factors in the workplace and take action to control them.

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Office administrators, support staff, Teachers, Principals & VPs, can all benefit from learning how to adjust their computer workstations for optimal comfort, health and safety. Every Day.

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In this short online course, students learn about ergonomics, and how to set up computers and mobile devices to reduce their risk of MSD injury. Students also learn how regular stretching and moving can protect their health & safety and improve their health, safety and comfort Every Day.