MSD Prevention Programs

Training is only one part of a comprehensive musculoskeletal (MSD) prevention program and understanding how to prioritize and implement the most effective solutions to augment a program can be difficult.   Use our trusted support and proven services to give your organization's safety leaders the confidence to build a successful and sustainable MSD prevention program.  

Client Results Using Our Support

One client called on us to help them to reduce work-related MSDs and build a sustainable MSD prevention program.  After a 5 year Kinetic Kare supported program, they celebrated:

·       81% reduction in MSD-related workers claims costs

·       70% reduction in lost time claims

·       Cost savings applied to the purchase of ergonomic tools and equipment

What does MSD program support look like?

Step 1: Off-site Audit

The first step in the process is to gain a thorough understanding of the organization's current MSD prevention program.  A comprehensive audit typically includes a review of current and historical MSD statistics and injury trends, JHSC meeting reports, and current training or MSD awareness and prevention initiatives.  It can also include a review of the physical demands assessments (PDA) for jobs of concern (if available). ** See note below.

Step 2: Onsite Audit

An on-site audit assists us in gaining an understanding of the workplace environment, the physical demands of the jobs performed and the equipment and tools currently in place.   

Step 3: Gap Analysis & Report

A detailed gap analysis is conducted and a report is prepared.  Where gaps exist, recommendations for improvement are presented and prioritized.  The report gives the organization a step-by-step plan to develop and sustain an in-house MSD prevention program. 

What’s included?

·       Audit

·       Step-by-step plan to level-up or develop an MSD prevention program

·       Presentation to H&S leaders

**PDA are an additional service outside of the scope of this audit.