ErgoSchool™ Educational Assistants

ErgoSchool™ Educational Assistants (EAs) is an MSD awareness and prevention learning program specifically designed for EAs.  Workshops and e-learning courses are sensitive to the needs of both the staff and the students they support, and are in-keeping with the culture of special education.



MSD Awareness & Prevention 101

Awareness is the first step toward MSD prevention. In this 1-hour introductory course, EAs learn what MSDs are, how to identify the risk factors for MSDs, and are introduced to the ErgoSchool™ Pillars for Prevention that they can apply to their everyday work. Participants discover self-care stretches to improve their comfort, health and safety. Every Day.

Safe Work Practices for Educational Assistants

This 2-hour course takes EAs beyond the basics. Participants gain the knowledge and skills required to apply the ErgoSchool™ Pillars for Prevention to the most common tasks they perform in their everyday work.  Key instructional points include safe work practices for performing lifts, transfers and transitions, and supporting individual education plans. 

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Online learning

Safe Work Practices for Educational Assistants

Participants learn the Safe Work Practices for Educational Assistants in 5 short video lessons.  Each task-based lesson includes images that represent EAs engaging with students in the real work environment.  EAs discover how to apply the ErgoSchool™ Pillars for Prevention to their everyday work and learn that safe work habits when practiced daily become healthy routines.  By the end of this course, EAs know how to protect their comfort, health and safety themselves.  Every Day.


PA Day Self-Care Workshops

Every Day for Every Body

An Educational Assistant must possess certain physical attributes to be able to perform their job safely. In these instructor led workshops, EAs learn self-care stretches and exercises that they can and should do Every Day to protect their health and safety to improve their comfort at work and at home.