Online Office Ergonomic Assessment

The purpose of a virtual office ergonomic assessment is to improve an employee’s awareness of ergonomics and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), and to enhance their comfort, health, and safety.  

A Kinetic Kare Certified Ergonomist conducts the virtual office ergonomic assessment with the employee using electronic and virtual tools.  

Who can benefit?

Any individual who uses a computer workstation can benefit from learning to work smarter and safer.  A virtual office assessment can prevent a soft -tissue musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) before it occurs.  It can also benefit anyone who is experiencing discomfort in their workstation, or who is returning to work after an injury.

How long does a virtual office ergo assessment take?

Approximately 45 minutes start to finish.

What does a Virtual office ergonomic assessment look like?

Step 1: Pre-assessment Survey 

The individual completes an online survey that assists the ergonomist in gaining an understanding of the main concerns and of the workstation environment. 

Step 2:  Virtual Consultation 

The ergonomist contacts the individual by telephone or virtually and the consultation occurs. The individual is coached to adjust their workstation according to ergonomic guidelines for optimal comfort, health and safety. 

Step 3: Checklist Report

A summary report in checklist format outlines the concerns identified, the solutions for improvement and coaching cues provided.  Recommendations for equipment and tools to be considered are also included if required.

What’s included?

·       Pre-assessment online survey 

·       Virtual consultation

·       Employee handout

·       Checklist report

·       30-day follow up 

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