MSD Awareness & Prevention 101


·       One-hour instructor-led workshop

·       30 participants maximum

·       Lecture, demonstrations, activities

Who should attend?

This training is suitable for any individual in the organization who wants to learn how to prevent MSDs and work smarter and safer to improve their comfort, health and safety at work and at home. Every Day.

What do participants learn?

The objective of the course is to improve MSD awareness, and take the first steps for MSD prevention.  Participants learn how MSDs can impact them and their quality of life, understand how to identify the main risk factors that can cause MSDs and discover our ErgoSchool™ Pillars of Prevention that they can apply to their everyday work.  Participants are also introduced to self-care stretches that they can do to protect their health and safety. Every Day.

Topics include:

·       What are Musculoskeletal Disorders?

·       How can MSDs impact me?

·       Common signs and symptoms of MSDs

·       The main risk factors for MSDs in the workplace

·       The Pillars for MSD Prevention 

·       How to apply the Pillars of Prevention to everyday work

·       Introduction to self-care stretches for work and home

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